Availability of records: NOLS’ will provide efficient and thorough access to the Library’s public records in accordance with the Washington State Public Records Act (RCW 42.56), other applicable laws, and Policy 5.14: Public Records.

Find Public Records Online:

Many of the Library’s public records are available online, at www.nols.org, including policies, budgets, and many Board documents. Requesters are encouraged to view the documents available on the website prior to submitting a records request.

Public Records Officer:

The Library Director is designated as the Public Records Officer for the North Olympic Library System.

Requesting Public Records:

Access to public records may be requested by completing the Library’s Public Records Request Form-PDF, which is available at any NOLS library, or on the NOLS website. All records requests, either for inspection or for copies, must be in writing addressed to the Public Records Officer and delivered or mailed to the Library Director, NOLS Administrative Office, 2210 S. Peabody St., Port Angeles, WA 98362, or emailed to Director@nols.org.

The Library’s Public Records Procedural Guidelines contain full details about NOLS practices with regard to public records requests.

Public Record Exemptions:

Most records are available for public inspection and duplication, but some are not. Both state and federal laws place restrictions on access to certain types of records. Library records, the primary purpose of which is to maintain control of library materials, or to gain access to information, that discloses or could be used to disclose the identity of a library user are specifically exempted from disclosure. The Library is also prohibited by statute from disclosing lists of individuals for commercial purposes.

Costs of Providing Copies:

There is no fee for inspecting public records. Fees for producing copies of records will be charged at the rates established by Policy 5.14.