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NOLS Bookmobile

The Bookmobile brings library services on the road right to your community location.

Services Available

  • Sign up for a free library card.
  • Borrow new and popular books for all ages.
  • Borrow movies and series on DVD, and audiobooks on CD.
  • Get help using library online services.
  • Pick up library holds.

Additional service stops will be added in 2024. Weekly stops will occur Tuesdays through Fridays. This allows for vehicle maintenance and restocking of materials on Mondays, and participation in community events on weekends.

Community requests for the Bookmobile will be accepted in 2024.

Bookmobile Service

NOLS strives to offer equitable and accessible services to all community members, and has prioritized this value in the 2021-2024 Strategic Initiatives.

The goal of the Bookmobile is to increase library awareness, access, and use among Clallam County residents through additional outreach.

NOLS has a service population of 75,000 residents spread out over a large geographic area that covers many remote locations in Clallam County. Providing residents, regardless of their location, with access to information they might not otherwise have is a critical part of the Library’s role in the community.

Because of the County’s remoteness, large geographic area, and economic instability, amplifying high-quality library services can be cost-prohibitive. NOLS can utilize its many community partnerships to allow access to as many people as possible via the Bookmobile.

Promoting library services at community events, through community partners and their bases, and NOLS’ strong communications and social media presence, positions NOLS to connect resources and needs throughout Clallam County while fostering relationships between school districts, and other community agencies.

The Library’s Capital Reserves, funded by timber tax revenue, were used to cover about half the cost of the Bookmobile project.

NOLS is grateful for the contributions of generous grantors and donors for providing additional funding support for the Bookmobile project and helping to make an impact on our community. Learn how to make a donation.

Matthew Fleming, a Sequim-based illustrator and graphic designer, created the exterior graphics for the Bookmobile. He creates artwork for musicians (Chris Stapleton, Brandi Carlile, Dave Matthews Band, The Avett Brothers), events, podcasters, breweries, and more. You may have seen logos he designed for the Lefties baseball team and Bourbon West in Port Angeles.

The Bookmobile graphics were inspired by his earliest memories of libraries—yes, he traveled there by a wagon pulled lovingly by his mom!—and the variety of ways they’re used by the diverse members of our community.

Follow Matthew on Instagram @matthewjay and visit his website at www.matthewjayfleming.com.

Download and print a Bookmobile template, then cut along the edges to create one piece. Fold, tuck and glue the tabs to make your own mini Bookmobile!

Adult assistance may be required.

Bookmobile completed craft

Book Mobile ArchiveNOLS Past Bookmobile History – West End Travels of the Bookmobile

According to “West End Travels of the Bookmobile,” library Bookmobile service in Clallam County began in 1949. The Bookmobile did daily runs throughout the county in all types of weather. Bookmobile service was used for many years from East End to West End to provide library materials, connection in more rural areas, and browsing opportunities. The Bookmobile delivered to personal residences, business hubs, and public locations. Materials were delivered on a set schedule so people knew to anticipate delivery and pick up events on specific days and times.

One of the stops was the Joyce General Store, a possible stop for a new route. Other stops included: the Clallam Bay, Royal, Beaver, and Sekiu schools; tree farms; and a lighthouse. Three Sisters, Lake Ozette, Neah Bay, Lake Crescent, and Sappho were all served.

When the Bookmobile was retired, it became the original Clallam Bay Library. Library services and programs were available on the Bookmobile until a physical building became a reality for the Clallam Bay community.

NOLS welcomes feedback regarding the Bookmobile project. Please reach out to bookmobile@nols.org with any comments or suggestions.