Ballot Measure

What are we voting on?

In November 2018 voters in the area served by the Sequim Branch Library will have the opportunity to approve or reject two ballot propositions to support construction of a new, larger library. Proposition No. 1 creates the Sequim Library Capital Facility Area (SLCFA) tax district. Proposition No. 2 finances the project by approving bonds and [...]


Who will vote?

Registered voters in the proposed SLCFA tax district will have the opportunity to vote. The SLCFA district encompasses the area of Clallam County served by the Sequim Branch Library - extending from the county line on the east to Blue Mountain Road on the west.


What’s an LCFA?

A Library Capital Facilities Area (LCFA) is the method Washington State law provides for funding a public library capital improvement project through property taxes.  An LCFA can be used only for financing the construction of the library capital facility.  A library capital facility includes land, buildings, site improvements, equipment, furnishings, collections, financing, design, construction, [...]


How much will the new library cost?

The estimated total cost of the library project is approximately $13,400,000. Project funding includes $1,000,000 from NOLS’ reserves.  Read more. Proposition No. 2 authorizes issuance of 21-year bonds for up to $12,400,000, and    property tax levies to repay those bonds.

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