Strategic Roadmap

Nurturing imagination, connection, and understanding,
to improve lives and strengthen community.

Strategic Roadmap
  • Power of knowledge, imagination, and exploration
  • Free and equal access
  • Intellectual freedom and privacy
  • Literacy and learning
  • Responsible stewardship
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Community service
  • Community partnerships to support community vitality
  • Flexibility, nimbleness, and adaptability to social and technological change
  • Lend library materials at no direct cost to customers
  • Assist with information and research needs
  • Provide early literacy services and programming
  • Provide access to information technologies
  • Provide meeting space for public interaction
  • Be the community hub, where community comes together to think, meet, work, play, and create
  • Provide literacy, education, and enrichment opportunities for people of all ages
  • Offer diverse programs, events, and classes, which promote learning, skills acquisition, intellectual and cultural stimulation, civic discourse, community vitality, social engagement, entertainment, relaxation, and creative fun
  • Provide library facilities that are safe, comfortable, functional, and energy efficient
  • Deliver library services when and where they are needed
  • Develop, articulate, and publish NOLS’ Fiscal Business Plan for the next five to ten years
  • Develop and articulate a response plan for optimum recovery from disaster
  • Develop and implement an outreach and marketing campaign to increase library awareness and use among segments of the county population that are currently underutilizing this public resource
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