photo of Lin Bruce

Thursday, April 18 at 6pm
Sequim Branch Library

Lin Bruce is a late blooming, against-the-odds cross country cyclist, whose first transcontinental ride was in honor of her 60th birthday in 1999. In the years since then, she has crossed the U.S. four times and bicycled from Northfield, MN to Cheyenne, WY to attend her 50th and 60th high school reunions, among other adventures. Retired massage therapist, wife, mother of 4, and grandmother of 8, Lin is a living example of how ordinary people can have extraordinary adventures. Now an octogenarian, Lin still lives by her motto, “It’s Never Too Late to Say ‘Yes’ To Bigger Things!”

“Each of my rides over the last 20 years has added to my sense of personal possibility, and to the breadth of my life. I wish this for each of you, as well. I’ll be sharing my “5 Keys for ‘Yes, I Can,’” These five keys power each of my new endeavors. Come hear me tell stories of how desire and persistence have expanded opportunity,” says Bruce.