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Dedicated and passionate volunteers are the life force that sustain our Seed Library. Hard working individuals make this resource available to our community, and we are grateful to all of you who lend a hand.

Volunteers are responsible for cleaning, sorting, labeling, and packaging seeds for the collection. Other volunteer responsibilities include restocking, organizing, and recording the number of seeds that pass through the Seed Library into the community. To find out how to volunteer, please visit the volunteer page under ‘About NOLS’ or click here.

If you would like to volunteer for the NOLS Grows project at home in your own garden, you may wish to become a NOLS Grows Seed Steward. Fill out the online application, and return it to the Port Angeles Main Library.

Aspire to Be a Seed Steward

Becoming a Seed Steward is an opportunity to become a guardian of a particular variety of seeds. Seed Stewards sign up for a particular variety of seeds they plan to save, then return a bulk deposit of that variety of seeds to the Seed Library. NOLS Grows Seed Stewards are experienced seed savers or new seed savers with a strong desire to learn how to properly save seeds of a particular type of plant. Our Seed Stewards help keep the Seed Library a self-sustaining project.

Aspire to Be a Seed Steward