The Basics

Where is the NOLS Grows Seed Library located?
Seeds, educational materials, and a seed donation box are located in the Port Angeles Main Library Reference Area.

What kind of seeds does the Seed Library carry?
All kinds of seeds, with an emphasis on open-pollinated, heirloom and native seed varieties. Vegetable seeds will make up the initial seed inventory in 2017 and 2018.

How are seeds organized in the Seed Library?
NOLS Grows seeds are organized alphabetically by common name. There is also a printed Seed Library Index next to the Seed Library that lists each seed and which drawer it is in. Seeds that are easiest to save are labeled as ‘Easy Saver’.

Borrowing & Saving

How do I borrow seeds from the Seed Library?
Take seeds from NOLS Grows to your garden and sow them! Take a look at the education binder at the Seed Library for helpful materials such as seed saving and growing guides. NOLS Grows is a self-service program. More information about borrowing can be found here.

How do I save seeds?
Please read the Seed Saving Basics prior to saving seeds. Some plants (such as hybrids) will produce offspring that are not viable, so it is important to learn how to properly save seeds before returning them. This will help ensure the success of future borrowers. We recommend that you start by saving seeds that are labeled ‘Easy Saver’. Once you are proficient in saving seeds in this category, you can progress onto saving seeds which have more challenging seed saving requirements. More information about saving can be found here.

How do I return seeds to the Seed Library?
After saving your seed, package and label it – indicating the species, variety, and year the plant was grown. Then drop off your package at the Seed Library donation box. More information about returning can be found here.

Can I donate offspring from seeds I did not originally borrow from the Seed Library?
Please return only seeds that are offspring from seeds you borrowed from the NOLS Grows Seed Library. The original seed stock for the Seed Library was carefully selected, and the Library must abide by current regulations for seed distribution.

Can I save seeds from grocery store produce?
Grocery store produce is not suitable for saving seeds to return to the Seed Library. This is because produce at the store may have been grown in a way that allowed cross-pollination. If you wish to use grocery store produce seeds in your own garden, that is a fine option, however there is no way to know what hybrids may grow from these seeds.

Seedy Questions

How many seeds can I borrow?
This resource is made available for the education of the whole community. Out of courtesy for others, please do not take duplicates of any one variety, or more types of plants than you plan to plant immediately. The Seed Library will be restocked regularly, so please check back when you’re ready to plant more seeds.

Is there a fee to participate?
NO! There is no participation fee.

Do I have to be a member to participate?
There is no membership requirement. You don’t need a library card to participate.

Does the Seed Library sell seeds?
All seeds are freely given and freely shared.

Does NOLS Grows take seed requests or orders?
NOLS Grows Seed Library does not take requests, and cannot predict future seed stock. Seeds are replenished regularly though, so if you don’t see what you are looking for today, please check back soon. NOLS Grows is a self service program.

Is there a requirement for me to return seeds?
No, there is no requirement that you return seeds to the Seed Library. Everyone is welcome to learn about seed saving and return seeds. Easy to save seeds are labeled as ‘Easy Saver’ so all levels of gardeners can participate.

Other Questions

Was your question not addressed here?
The Seed Library FAQ page provides answers to many common questions. The Borrow and Save & Return pages describe the process of borrowing, saving, and returning seeds in greater detail. For other questions that are not addressed here, please email