How was the public involved in planning for the new library?

Over the years NOLS has fielded several community taskforces, community based studies, and conducted surveys, to explore options and solicit public input on the future of the Sequim Library. During the recently completed conceptual planning project, three public events specifically involved the community in developing the vision for the Sequim Future Library plan that underlies [...]


How big will the new library be?

The proposed building is about 17,000 square feet, approximately 2.8 times the size of the 6052 square feet of the current facility -- sufficient to serve the growing community decades into the future.


Why not expand the current library rather than building a new one?

Site and architectural analysis revealed that the size of the existing building, and its location on the site, would have required partial demolition, in order to provide required access to required parking. For this reason the potential cost savings in a re-use option were less than the expanded building. Due to the age and construction [...]


Did the library ever consider buying land somewhere else in town and building from scratch?

At various points during the extended planning for a future library, NOLS explored other sites, and also discussed various joint use site possibilities. Location, parcel size, cost, improper zoning, bad timing, and public facility access issues, were some of the reasons these alternatives proved less feasible than staying on the existing, well located site, which [...]


What will the new library look like?

Conceptual planning produced schematic designs that allocate the proposed size, internal components, general aspect, and site relationships for the new Library. If the ballot measures pass, the specific look (as in architectural style, finishes, paint, etc.) will be finalized during construction design. As with the conceptual design phase, community input will be integral to this [...]


Will the meeting room be larger?

Yes. The conceptual design includes a large community meeting room (1600 sf) that can be divided into two smaller meeting rooms -- or expanded into the casual gathering space in the lobby, to accommodate even larger crowds. An additional multi-purpose area supports library programming for youth, allowing the public meeting rooms to be more frequently [...]


Will there be more parking?

Currently the library has 28 parking spaces. The new library will have 62 spaces, with better provision made for pedestrian access to the building and drive-through book drops.

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