Catalog Computers – For access to NOLS Websites and Databases only. The Catalog Computers have no time limits.

Express Computers – For quick access to any Internet resources including NOLS Websites and Databases. No sign up is required and printing is not available. The Express Computers are limited to 15 minute sessions. When the 15 minutes are up the session will end and all data will be cleared.

General Computers – For access to any Internet resources and for using Office software. The General Computers are available for 1 hour sessions. If other Public computers are available at the end of a user’s session the user’s session may be extended for an additional hour, and again at the end of each session as long as no one is waiting to use the computers.

Please Note: There are session time limits to be aware of:

  • Keyboard and Mouse inactivity – Session will end in 5 minutes if there is no keyboard or mouse activity.
  • Locking the computer – Session will end in 30 minutes from the time you lock your computer.
  • If you log into a computer before library closing, you will only receive a session with the minutes remaining before closing.