Cool Creations Lego® Building Challenge

Cool Creations Lego

On Saturday, February 24, the Sequim Branch Library will offer three sessions of Cool Creations Lego® Building Challenge at 10am, 11am, and 12pm.

Do you love Lego®? Do you love competing with your friends to see who can build the most amazing models with your Lego® pieces? Race the clock to see how many Cool Creations you can build in just 45 minutes guided by Sean Kenney’s book Cool Creations in 35 Pieces. This Lego® challenge is recommended for children who are 7 years of age or older. Children may work on the kit alone or with a friend. All materials for this program are generously provided by the Washington State Library, and will remain in the Library after the event. Advanced registration is required. Register here or email

Lego® is well regarded in educational circles and has been shown to help develop the ability to think in three dimensions (a precursor to physics), enhance communication and critical thinking, boost motor development, improve creativity, develop problem-solving and encourage lateral thinking. Beyond the fun factor, for younger children, the brightly colored pieces and interlocking combinations provide hours of sorting skills, patterning practice, and fine-motor development, which are key factors in most kindergarten math curriculums.

NOLS girl building legos
NOLS boy building legos
NOLS kids builder