You Did It! 100,000 library downloads

You Did It! 100,000 library downloads2018-12-28T10:46:16+00:00

Success! Based on stats for previous years, NOLS users were likely to borrow 95,000 downloadable eBooks and eAudiobooks through the Washington Anytime Library (WAL) in 2018. Staff engaged in a campaign to increase statistics with the goal of helping NOLS users to check out 100,000 WAL items in 2018, and that goal was met with users downloading 101,458 items by the end of November!

You Did It! 100,000 library downloads

You Did It! 100,000 library downloads

Downloadable eAudiobooks and eBooks are popular formats with many people who own tablets, smart phones, eReaders, and other personal devices. But not everyone knows the Library has free eBooks and eAudiobooks to borrow. Although the number of people using this valuable Library service has been steadily growing, in 2018 NOLS launched a campaign of staff and patron education to increase visibility of this free, freely-accessible collection: the 100K WAL CKO campaign, shorthand for 100,000 Washington Anytime Library CheckOuts.

Based on the gradual increase over the last several years, projections for 2018 started at 95,000 but were unlikely to break 99,000. NOLS staff designed flyers, web updates, Facebook content, and more, to bring the collection of 70,000 digital books and audiobooks to the attention of as many community members as possible.

Not only did NOLS library card holders check out over 100,000 items in 2018—they did it before the end of November! Because of procedures in place to protect patron privacy, the 100,000th downloaded title is a mystery to staff, as is the identity of the patron who borrowed it, but that magic number was crossed on November 26th, about 1:18pm.

Yes, the people who already know about the WAL continued to check out items, but new users have found their way to the collection during this campaign as well! Previously, only as many as 3,227 different people used the collection during one year. But so far in 2018, over 3,700 unique users have logged in to download a title.

If you are interested in learning more about the Washington Anytime Library, or about the other download and streaming options available to you free with your library card, stop by your nearest NOLS location and ask any Customer Service staff member. You can also make a free 30-minute appointment to have a trained library staff member help you set up the appropriate app on your personal device—just go to or email