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Your privacy on public computers

Full-service public access computers and 15-minute express computers offer the Library catalog, Internet, a complete suite of Microsoft Office productivity software, and various other applications.

Library catalog computers offer access to the Library Catalog and subscription articles and databases only.

At the Port Angeles, Sequim and Forks Libraries, when all full-service computers are in use, you may use a sign-up system to hold the next available computer for you. Visit the sign-up computer located in those branches, or ask any staff member for assistance.

Protecting your privacy in the Library catalog

To protect your privacy, if you LOG IN to the catalog by entering your barcode or username and password, please REMEMBER TO LOG OUT. You may do so by clicking "Log Out" on the toolbar at the top of any page in the catalog, or you will be automatically logged out when you CLOSE ALL PAGES of the web browser.

Protecting your privacy on public computers

When you end your session, files saved in the Public Folder are deleted, the Recycle Bin is emptied, and Internet Explorer history and cache are removed automatically.* Catalog computers do not have a Public Folder or a Recycle Bin.

* The Library makes every attempt to protect your privacy, but automated cleanup processes may be interrupted or may fail infrequently for various reasons. Therefore, the library cannot absolutely guarantee that your history and/or files will be deleted.  To assure your privacy, before logging off you should manually delete the browser history and any files you saved in the Public Folder and then empty the Recycle Bin.

Please see a staff member if you have questions about your computer privacy.

Saving your files

Be sure to save your information on your own removable media--a flash drive, floppy disk, or memory card--before you end your session or before your session times out. If you do not take these actions, you will lose your data. If you do not have a removable storage device, you can purchase one at the Library service desk, or print your information to keep it from being lost.

Catalog computers do not have a folder for you to save files to while you are working. If you are using a full-service computer or express computer, files can be saved into the Public Folder, but they will disappear once you log off. Again, to retain your information you must save it to a removable storage device before you end your session.

The library sells 4 GB USB flash drives that can be used on any public computer. The library also offers portable floppy disk drives and portable media card readers that you can check out for use with your own floppy disk or media card in the Library. See any staff member for more information.