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Find policies and regulations governing Library operations, including collection management, borrowing privileges, confidentiality of records, and more.

General Policy Philosophy

2.1   Collection Management

3.1   Library Cards

3.2   Borrowing Privileges

3.3   Circulation of Special Collections and Materials

3.4   Hold Requests and Held Materials

3.5   Penalties for Overdue, Lost or Damaged Materials

4.1   Patron Rules of Conduct

4.2   Fees and Charges

4.3   Library Use by Youth

4.4   Children Alone in the Library

4.5   Public use of the Internet

4.7   Community Profiles

4.8   Exhibits, Displays, and Community Information

4.9   Public Use of Library Meeting Rooms and Facilities

4.10 Right of Library to Photograph Events

4.11 Dangerous Weapons on Library Property

4.12 Alcohol and Marijuana Use on Library Property

4.13 Smoking and the use of Tobacco Products on Library Property

4.14 Food and Beverages in Library Buildings

4.15 Animals on Library Property

4.16 Public Use of Library Parking Lots

5.1   Confidentiality of Library Patron Information

5.2   Tax, Legal, and Medical Advice

5.4   Unscheduled Library Closures

5.5   Purchasing

5.6   Credit Card Policy

5.7   Cash Management Policy

5.8   Use of Prizes and Incentives

5.9   Surplus Materials

5.10 Vehicle Use

5.11 Library Keys

6.1   Bylaws of the Library Board of Trustees

6.2   Ethics Policy

6.3   Library Board Teleconferencing at Meetings

Human Resources Policy Manual